About Us

At Bistro Tupaz, we only work with natural ingredients. That means our dishes use only unprocessed ingredients - no canned goods unless it is all natural. Everything we make is passionately made from scratch in our kitchens.

Our basic tomato sauce has no added sugar. It only consists of 4 ingredients: olive oil, wine, salt, and the tomato itself. All complexities found in the sauce comes from the roasting process, the vine-ripened tomatoes and from the wine. We puree all our fruits in our kitchen, with the only preservative being pure cane sugar. We maintain a rustic presentation using only natural ingredients.

In this global economy, it is easy to be enticed by the availability of ingredients year round from different parts of the world, but we at Bistro Tupaz support California farmers and sustainability practices. We continually search for domestic produced agriculture and farm-raised animals.


Mission Statement

Provide a rustic style bistro that offers a seasonal menu and dishes made with customers’ well being in mind, using fresh ingredients whenever possible, supporting ingredients grown through sustainable farming, and avoiding ingredients which are detrimental to our health. We will never serve any dishes which we will not make for ourselves, families, and friends. 


Vision Statement

Become a restaurant favorite where customers can have dishes reminiscent of old-world traditions and playful takes of home-cooked classics. Our environment foster learning, and our chefs and employees are encouraged to be creative and offer dishes made with their passion. Our customers are invited to partake in our quest for unveiling dishes that have a history and meaning behind their creation. We would like to be the chefs outside of their kitchen and be given the opportunity to provide meals for them and their families on a daily basis. 

5899 Santa Teresa Blvd. Suite 101, San Jose, CA 95123
(408) 578-5860
Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00AM - 9:00PM
Closed Sunday & Monday